Rainmaking – Ready to Launch?

When you think about building your business pipeline, going to networking events, and proactively reaching out to call on clients and prospects, do you feel overwhelmed?  Not sure where to start?  Not sure how to genuinely build those relationships that will hopefully someday lead to projects or referrals?

As I work with professionals, they often tell me that the thought of building a pipeline and engaging in the activities that will ultimately lead to strengthening relationships seem daunting.  It seems particularly difficult after a typical “busy season” – like for accountants coming off of tax season.  They’ve been so buried in technical work for so many months, that it seems even harder to get back in the swing of reaching out to their contacts and heating up the pipeline for future work. Why is that?  Maybe because they are out of practice – or because they just don’t enjoy it.  That’s where I can help!  I help people formulate and launch a program to build their professional pipelines.

And speaking of “launching”, I’m also excited to officially launch my new website dedicated to helping people learn how to build their pipelines and “Jumpstart Your Rainmaking”!  While I’ve already been actively engaged in this part of my business for the past couple years, seeing the newly branded website makes me even more excited to share my rainmaking experiences with my readers.

So, who can benefit from Jumpstart Your Rainmaking?  Professionals who must go out and sell their services – either currently to bring business to their practices today, or sometime down the road, as they strive for promotion in their firms.  The Jumpstart Your Rainmaking techniques can help seasoned professionals or those at the early stages of their careers.  Many of my clients are accountants or accounting firms.  But I’ve also helped attorneys, event planners, IT professionals, insurance brokers, realtors, and others who have to sell themselves (to sell their services) every day.  My approach is one of sharing with my clients how to engage in the genuine networking and thoughtful follow-up that will ultimately lead to building your book of business.  But I also use a logical, proven approach that will appeal to a professional’s mindset.  Most of us don’t want to be seen as a “salesperson”.  It’s much better to be viewed as a strategic partner for your clients and recommend services or other service providers who will be a good resource for growing their business. If, in the process, you grow your business too, isn’t that a win-win scenario?

I invite you to check out my new website at www.jumpstartrain.com to find out about our latest 3 part webinar series (starting July 12), the customized training programs for firms, and some informational blogs on all kinds of things related to rainmaking.  Take a look, and let me know your thoughts.  I’d love to hear your feedback…and maybe see you at an upcoming Jumpstart Your Rainmaking program!