A Marketer in an Accountant’s Body

microphone_loveHave you ever taken one of those personality tests like the Myers Briggs, or DISC that help to nicely or neatly (maybe?) put you in a perfect little box?  They can tell you whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, or feeling vs. thinking, or any number of other things about how you’ll get along with certain other personality types.  I have a love/hate relationship with those tests. Why?  Because I’m convinced that I’m pretty close to the middle on most of the categories, and so I see them as a challenge.  “Ha, you little test with 100 questions – you think you know me!  Have at it!”

For instance, most of the time, I really enjoy being with other people and I get energy from being in networking situations – an extrovert!  My husband will tell you that I love to accept a microphone and speak in front of a crowd – an extrovert!  These are good qualities to have if you want to talk about your business, and build a pipeline of referral sources and clients.  They need to you know you’re out there.  Yet, in the next breath, I could tell you that one of my favorite things is to hang out with a glass of wine and a book on a Friday night – an introvert?  And yes, after a speaking engagement, I’d love to just run a nice hot bath and soak alone and not do it again for a few days.  A long walk in the park with my dog is my idea of a good time too.  Introvert?

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Practice What You Preach!

A colleaguPeace of Minde asked me the other day how my Rainmaking program was going.  And the answer was, unfortunately, “It’s going well, but not taking off as quickly as I’d like it to.” After thinking about it, I got mad at myself and decided to shift the conversation to “It’s going amazingly well – thanks for asking!”  The conversation needed to be reframed in order to honor the dream and the encouragement I’ve received from my friends and colleagues. So, thank you!

If you’re a frequent reader of this blog, you’ll know that most of the time it centers on practical tips and articles about multistate tax issues – my primary business.  But, if you search “Rainmaking” within the blog, you’ll also know that I’m following a long-time dream to share the experiences and knowledge of building a successful consulting practice with fellow CPAs and other service providers who want to fill their pipelines.  So, for several months at the beginning of the year, we featured weekly or bi-weekly posts on the Rainmaking topic as well.  And then…it became much more sporadic.  Ultimately, it’s been quite a while since we’ve dedicated a post to Rainmaking.  So, this blog is a refresh!

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