The Video Experiment (Part 2)

Craiova 21 iunie 14
It’s a nice day for a little rain!

Last week, I posted here about using video in my marketing efforts around my upcoming webinar series, “Jumpstart Your Rainmaking”.  If you’ve been following me, you know that I’m a seasoned tax professional, and have spent the better part of 20+ years helping clients with their multi-state tax needs.  My firm specializes in helping middle market companies navigate the complex sales tax and income/franchise tax issues that they’ll encounter as they do business in multiple states.

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Using Video in Indirect Marketing

Monika Miles and Buddy Saupe of Your Biz Vid.

Hello Rainmaking readers! Several weeks ago, I shared my perspective about the difference between direct and indirect marketing strategies, and how those of us who sell professional services should use a combination of both in order to generate business. I mentioned that the most important strategy (if you could only do one of them) is the direct strategy – the one-on-one contacts with your target audience or referral partners. But, indirect marketing like your website, blogs and video (among others) are a nice complement – and hopefully you have time, resources and a little bit of energy to dedicate to that as well.

Why Use Video?

Images and videos are much more compelling to your audience than simply sending newsletters (electronic or paper…paper??) or link to websites.  That’s why my blogs always include an image, always include links to more information, and sometimes include links to video.  That’s because, I’ve just recently found an affordable way to share video.  I tried it last December.  And then had so much fun with it that I’m rolling out a 5 day “Rainmaking Forecast” to promote my Jumpstart Your Rainmaking program.
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Kicking off the next webinar series

dog in the rainI’m excited to report that we are once again preparing to deliver the “Jumpstart Your Rainmaking” webinar series, beginning May 4.  If you’ve been following this blog and my communications, you know that the series is designed for professionals selling services.  It focuses on how to develop the skills to keep your pipeline filled and how to generate revenue.   I had initially planned on focusing mostly on CPAs and bookkeepers, but have had seminar participants from law firms, financial planning firms, and even administrative services.  And all kinds of service professionals are asking if they can participate. Sure!
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