Follow-Thru Strategies, Part 2 (How To…)

Dog with pencil 2_blogOur last Rainmaking blog discussed the importance of following up with people after a successful initial meeting.  I suggested that after a networking event, once business cards are exchanged and it has been agreed that we like each other enough to follow up – we should, indeed, follow-up within 48 hours.  Interestingly, I gave a presentation on “Jumpstart Your Rainmaking” just last week and someone asked me when it’s too long after the event to follow up.  Truly, it’s never REALLY too late if you want to ultimately try to reach someone who you met at a networking event.  But the practicality is that we’re all human.  We want to feel important. (If you reach out to me within 48 hours, I feel important!)  And we all have a lot on our plates AND we go to a lot of networking events.  (If you reach out to me within 48 hours, I’m much more likely to remember you and what you do, and why I found you interesting in the first place!)

So, if we agree that follow-thru within 48 hours is important, how do we do it?  And, perhaps more importantly, how do we do it even if we’re really busy and we know that we don’t really have time to meet with the person right now?
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Follow-Thru Strategies, Part I

dog with pencil_blogSeveral months ago in this blog series, I talked about direct and indirect marketing strategies involved in the Rainmaking process.   Direct strategies are those in which you purposefully put yourself either in the room with someone (a meeting, lunch, coffee, etc.) or on the phone (a prospect call, etc.)  Direct strategies also include public speaking, presenting technical information live or via webinars.  Indirect strategies are those where people can find out about you at their leisure. It is often via your on-line persona – your company website or bio page, blogging, social media, etc.  It’s important that the messages between your direct and indirect strategies are consistent.  The third prong of the marketing strategies (and perhaps the most important) is the follow-thru.
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