Be a Joiner!

Joined hands It will come as no surprise to most of you that I am involved in many different networking groups. Even if you don’t really know me, you can quickly peruse my website and see that I belong to the National Association of Women Business Owners (“NAWBO”) – I’m the current President of the Silicon Valley chapter; Accounting and Financial Women’s Alliance (“AFWA”) – I served as the National President; ProVisors and Vistage, among others.  I’m not just a dues paying member, I truly get involved in the organization, often at the Board level.  Why?  I believe that committing to an organization is about surrounding ourselves with other smart people who have similar purposes.  And through those networking efforts, we make friends, business colleagues, and hopefully ultimately generate some business.  I also believe that we can’t expect to get business immediately from being part of networking groups.  Sure – it happens sometimes.  But, as with so many things in life that are worth having, it’s about building a relationship first, and then being patient enough to ask for the work later.
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