Celebrate Successes

ChampagneI don’t know about you, but I love to celebrate special occasions.  Birthdays, anniversaries and holidays are all good excuses for me to buy gifts for people, go out for a nice dinner, and/or share a good bottle of wine or bubbly.  (Life’s too short to drink bad wine, after all!)  I’m also a big believer in celebrating successes outside of those kinds of events.  You got a good review or promotion at work?  Cheers.

What does that have to do with Rainmaking?  A lot!  Rainmaking, in theory, and the way I share my knowledge around it, is about continually building relationships with people. In turn, those relationships, cultivated with people who can drive business to you by either being in your target market or knowing people who are (i.e.; your referral partners) will ultimately turn into revenues.  It’s not easy to build relationships that lead to money at your door.  People have to know you, like you, trust you and have faith that you will do a great job for them or their clients before they’ll shower you with money!  (Or even sprinkle a little your way.)   So, when your hard work around building relationships leads you to a sale or other success in your marketing effort – celebrate it! And reward yourself.
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And the Elephant in the Room

Happy New Year!  Hopefully my readers are in full swing thinking about their revenue goals and rainmaking plans for 2016.  Many of you in the tax preparation world are taking those last few deep breaths, doing a little networking and getting prepared for the busy season onslaught.  Those of you not in tax are also busy with year-end financial reporting and possible new projects for the new year.  Unfortunately, busy season and busy season mindset is not conducive to consistently generating revenue and staying on a plan for rainmaking in the upcoming months. I’ve talked before about a consistent plan.  And coming off of that plan for 2 ½ months isn’t a great option.

The ElephantElephant

The elephant in the room around this is our time restraints.  It just stands to reason that during busy times we are not as focused on generating more revenue. Our mindset is that we barely have bandwidth to do the work in front of us in the next few weeks – let alone taking on additional work. But, it’s also important to remember that the work we do today on rainmaking activity will bring us revenue down the road. And, consequently, if we don’t engage in some outreach activities, we may be short of our revenue goals later in the year.  Good rainmakers are always looking out for the next project, because it’ll be nice to have some revenue in June and July too!  But that hourglass sits there with its sand draining, and you let yourself off the hook regarding your outreach activities because it is busy season.
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