Accountability: Keeping Yourself Honest

touchingIf you’ve been following my Rainmaking blogs in the last few weeks, you know that we’ve talked about identifying your target market, determining active and passive strategies for reaching out to that target market, and follow up strategies.  We’ve talked about following up and saying “thank you”.  And recently we featured a topic on the importance of setting SMART goals.

Goal-setting is so important!  And writing those goals down is imperative.  There are statistics upon statistics that will tell you the hugely increased likelihood of achieving your goals if you write them down.  The other important part – after writing down the goals, is to revisit them periodically.  How often is that?  I recommend looking at your big goals at least once per month.  And if you can’t commit to that, at least once per quarter.  But your tasks to complete those annual goals (i.e.; the action items that you will commit to) should be reviewed much more frequently.  I recommend to review them several times per month. Yes – this is where the commitment comes in.  Rainmaking doesn’t happen overnight. It happens by building relationships and nurturing those relationships over time.  In order to nurture a relationship, you must continue to connect with people on a regular basis. Continue reading “Accountability: Keeping Yourself Honest”

Are you being SMART?

As we find ourselves in the middle of a hectic holiday season with the year-end quickly approaching, I find that I’m juggling balls in the air more than ever.  When it comes to running your business, many activities occur daily that need to get done but don’t necessarily provide measurable value. It can be overwhelming at times. So it’s important to regularly take a step back and refocus on your broader goals. We all want to be “successful” in our businesses. However, being successful can mean different things depending on each person’s perspective.

As I’ve developed the Jumpstart Your Rainmaking program, I’ve focused on providing the tools to be successful in the area of generating a steady flow of clients. And that starts by setting measurable goals so that throughout the hectic year we can regroup with ourselves and maintain focus on the bigger picture. The program encourages people to dream big and aim high.  But we also encourage people to consider setting their goals under the SMART model.  Many of you are already familiar with SMART goals – those that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic/relevant, and Timely.  I debated even talking about them because so many people think that just because they’ve heard of SMART goals they are actually setting them.  And I didn’t want to have to be the one to tell you that you might not be setting the right kind of goals, particularly around Rainmaking! Here’s what that might look like as you do think of setting your revenue generation goals for the upcoming year. Continue reading “Are you being SMART?”

Jumpstart Your Rainmaking

Rainmaking – Bon chance!
Rainmaking – Bon chance!

As a professional, do you ever find yourself getting a little complacent?  Do you find that there are days when it’s easier just to stay in the comfort zone than to venture out and stretch your boundaries?  Of course! We all do.  But when we have too many of those days in the comfort zone – and they stretch to weeks or months (hopefully not years!), it can be difficult to re-energize yourself and move forward with goals, visions, etc.  That’s why, it’s so important to have a written plan for your goals and to revisit it regularly.  And that’s true not just for your business or professional goals but also your personal goals.  How often have you said something like, “This is the year that I learn to speak French!”  But then you don’t buy the books, or the online classes, or register for a live class.  And at the end of the year – amazingly, you don’t speak French!

One of my goals during 2015 was to finally (finally!) fulfill my dream of developing a training program for accountants to assist them with generating sales and building their practices.  I unveiled my “Jumpstart Your Rainmaking” program in late October, and am excited to put it into full motion (see below) in 2016!  But to avoid some confusion for my clients and long-time colleagues, I wanted to share a little more.  Continue reading “Jumpstart Your Rainmaking”