Rainmaking – Being Thankful!

Thank you message with flowers.
A small gift or note is a nice Thank You gesture!

In our last few Rainmaking blog posts, we’ve covered the active and passive networking components to the Rainmaking process, as well as follow-up strategies.  As our most recent blog discussed, following up with new contacts within 48 hours is a great way to let them know you are really interested in getting to know them and would like to continue the relationship.  Similarly when a colleague sends a referral your way, it’s great to quickly thank them for that referral.  That seems logical enough, but do we really always do it?  This Thanksgiving week is a good time to talk about that!
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Rainmaking – Follow Thru Strategies

Businessman writing business plan concept analysis strategy questions
Following up with people after an event or “touch” is Key!

In the last few weeks’ blog posts, we’ve covered the direct and indirect networking components to the rainmaking process.  Getting in front of the right people, both in face-to-face settings and with your good indirect or more passive strategies like a good website, compelling blog, etc. is key in building your potential client base and referral base.  Another big part of the Rainmaking strategy, and maybe even the most important, is to follow up with potential customers.
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Rainmaking – Indirect Strategies

Social media concept Welcome to the “Rainmaker Series” Friday blog.  Hopefully you’ve noticed that I’m dedicating Fridays to tips for accounting and financial professionals in the art of rainmaking.  We’ve discussed that bringing in revenue (“rainmaking”) is not magic, but is essential to growing your service based consulting practice.  Last week, we focused on direct strategies (meeting people in one-on-one networking situations) to begin developing relationships with potential clients and leads.

This week, I’m going to share the benefits of using indirect strategies in conjunction with the direct strategies to continue building that relationship at the potential customer’s leisure!
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Rainmaking – Direct Prospecting Strategies

Silhouettes of Business People Discussing with Speech Bubbles
Engage in Active Strategies – Let’s Talk!

Welcome to the “Rainmaker Series” portion of my blog.  If you’ve checked us out, you’ll notice that I’m dedicating Fridays to tips for accounting and financial professionals in the art of rainmaking.   We’ve discussed that driving home revenue (or rainmaking) is not necessarily magic, but is essential to growing your service based/consulting practice.  Last week, we talked about defining your target market and determining where to find them.

This week (and next), we’ll distinguish between two strategies – the direct s indirect strategies that we can employ in order to put ourselves in front of the perfect potential client to begin building a relationship that might ultimately lead to business.
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