Rainmaking – Finding your Perfect Client

dog in the rainWelcome to Miles Consulting Group’s Rainmaker blog series, tailored to accounting and finance professionals.  If you’ve made it here, hopefully, you’ve had the opportunity to check out our previous discussion about how to revisit your sales mentality (see discussion) and think differently about having sales conversations with your existing clients and prospects.

If you are here, you are probably, like me, responsible for bringing in some client work.  Maybe you are a manager in a CPA firm; maybe you’re already a partner.  Perhaps you are a very new staff person and don’t know where to start.  Or maybe you are well trained in a firm, but have decided to go out on your own and need to start building that book of business.  In any of those situations, I can help!
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Rainmaking and Your Sales Mindset

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Last week, I introduced my first blog on rainmaking, and introduced why and how I plan to share my 20+ years’ experience of selling professional services with my readers.  I’ve learned many things over those years – most of them in the 13 years of building Miles Consulting Group, where as the owner, it is absolutely my responsibility to bring in the revenue.  But, like many of my readers, clients and strategic partners, I’m a financial person.  I certainly didn’t start out wanting to be in sales and marketing!   Now, some of the biggest compliments I can get are, “Are you in sales?” OR “You don’t SEEM like an accountant!  You have a much better personality.”  Thank you very much.
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Welcome to the Rainmaker Series

Money _umbrellaI recently attended the Women’s Business Conference, sponsored by NAWBO – the National Association of Women Business Owners.  As a member of NAWBO for over 10 years (and current chapter President of NAWBO-Silicon Valley), I’m proud to say that the recent conference made me even more inspired to be a Woman Owned Business.   As we celebrated the organization’s 40 year anniversary, some of our “founding mothers” were introduced, as were many Past National Presidents and other women who have truly blazed a trail for those of us who own our businesses today.

I got to thinking, what do we all have in common – besides being women?  As business owners, we are responsible for bringing in the revenue – making rain.  Without these skillsets in attracting customers, we could not have started or grown our businesses.

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